Don’t emit carbon. Ride it.

Zero emission commuting!

Introducing year-round 1WD sustainable commuting

Ideas grow better in the cold, this is a scientifically unvalidated but nevertheless unquestionnably true fact. In a cold environment, the blood is reallocated to core organs, and maybe the brain gets an extra supply of oxygen that contributes to creativity, who knows? Anyhow, winter cycling is also very relaxing because there is hardly anything else to do than pedalling. During the past few years, I have attempted to switch my commuting from car driving to cycling as often as I can and irrespectively of seasons and weather. A one way ride (18.6 km, 242 m elevation gain) typically takes 40–45 min in spring-summer-fall, while in winter negative temperatures and low tire pressure (to have a better grip on ice) mean a ride takes a generous 1h 15 min.

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Ice is nice

For would-be winter cyclists, here is some technical info: the tires are studded fat 4.6” Dillinger 5 by 45NRTH, the lamp is a Cobra 6500 by LEDX  and the winter snout (a must-have in extreme cold to prevent lung burns) is by Airtrim.

The bikes are from the Farley fat series by Trek with carbon frames (I had first a full suspension but I broke the frame during a fall in an icy turn and now have a full hard frame). Clothes are not for biking but for mountaineering (except the pant shell).

Many thanks to 30k store in Skövde for bike preparation and service!

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Fatter but faster

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